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Custom made bow for world renowned cellist Amanda Forsyth. The frog is of flamed bison horn with her initials inlaid in18 karat rose gold.

Bison horn and 18 karat gold violin bow. Bison horn has the feel of tortoise shell frogs but is readily available as bison is now a domestic animal. Its meat is high in protein and low in fat.

The Michael Vann head is at a forward incline which some players believe helps promote better staccato. The design is original and found in most bows after 2001.

Bows that are mounted with ivory frogs are now made with woolly mammoth ivory. This is a legal product since the mammoth has been extinct for more than 10,000 years. The tusks are plentiful and surfacing constantly from the frozen north.

A cello bow made for exhibition at the 2006 VSA convention . The bow is made with IPE wood which displays the characteristics of pernambuco and is not on the protected list.

Frog of the IPE cello bow made for the VSA exhibition. Sterling silver inlaid design on both frog and button are unique to the IPE bows

 IPE violin bow with ebony frog. Part of the VSA exhibition, 2006

Ebony and 18 karat rose gold violin bow. Frog is decorated with black abalone shell, a very expensive and rare bivalve found off the coast of France.

Tortoise shell cello frog. Although tortoise shell in now on the protected species list, the small quantity of shell frog material left in stock was obtained long before the 1979 international ban. One tortoise shell frog bow is made each year until the supply is depleted.

The infamous dogwood flower frog. This inlay is the provincial flower of British Columbia, Canada. Each petal is one half sterling silver and one half mother of pearl. This original Michael Vann design was sold in February of 2000. By November of that year the Chinese had produced thousands of this model.


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