The bow shown here was made expressly for a client in France who needed increased thumb room at the frog's tongue. This unique cut-back throat proved to be the solution. The floral design seen at the center is the Provincial flower of British Columbia, Canada, known as the Dogwood flower. This was inlayed in eleven parts, each of the five leafs split in half, alternating between coin silver and mother of pearl.

The extra rings in the button are also part of uniqueness of this bow, designed to prevent the normal uneven wear of the ebony core.



It took someone in China less then eight months to illegally copy, mass produce and distribute my design without obtaining rights.


Do not be fooled by these cheap imitations. One such phony copy showed up on a Chinese merchant's table in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky in November, 2000, the photo of this bow is shown below.

All Michael Vann bows made after 2003 will contain a microchip with its unique registered number.




There are times when imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

This is not one of those times.....

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