I will gladly send bows for trial under the following conditions;

If you are new to our client list, simply send a personal bank check (cheque), post dated for one month hence, for the full amount of one bow. This establishes you and your address. Visa or Master Card numbers do not work for me.

When it arrives, I will send a bow or selection of bows for a one-week trial period.

I ship by FedEx and will pay the shipping to your address. You must return them at your cost, by FedEx, enclosing my original waybill with the new form to show that they were shipped and are now returning. Mark the contents as "GOODS RETURNING, NOT AS ORDERED".

If, during the trial, you choose to purchase a bow, I will pay the FedEx return fees.

If all bows are returned, I will return your un-cashed check (cheque) to you by mail.

This system has worked perfectly for many years and I choose not to make exceptions.

Michael Vann